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Our Story And Our Objectives

Welcome at our InRise Movement! - "Truth use it or loose It."


WE ARE CREATORS & VISUAL WARRIORS. We raise awareness about the Great Deception and 'jab-o-cide'  that,  is currently taking place, worldwide.




render unconstituonal censorship useless by posting de-platformed channels' web site addresses in to the open, or online.

How do we achieve our mission?


To by-pass BIG TECH'S censorship algorithms, we often use LOW-TECH METHODS. We write on pavements, into the sand, dirt, and snow.

We also use stickers, share videos, memes, flyers, posters, word of mouth, etc, to inform others about censored sites, doctors, and the plandemic.

We hang-out on video platforms. mainstream news channels, and use their reply section to post banned site URLs, and factual information, that clearly highlights their faulty reports about various topics they present.

Our Member Area: (Currently Under Construction, but functional)

This Forum community is reserved to visitors, and members who participate in our movement, and wish to post their relevant photos and findings about their own but related projects. 


Visitor Participants:

We understand, that many of you would gladly participate in rendering legacy media powerless, but you would rather do it without  registering.

If you would like to support our work, you can do so by donating, and by sharing our promotional videos, and link-backs.

Thank you for your support and participation.


Please, post your work on this forum, so we, together may inspire others with impactful. and creative ideas of how else to combat BigTech's censorship, and to deploy truth and freedom.



Our InRiseMovement YouTube Channel

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For your effort truth and freedom prevails.

Let’s Unite In Our Quest To Reveal the Truth

Get in touch so we can start working together on this expose.

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